AgroBioCluster in an interdisciplinary tool for development of agrobioecnomy industry.

Created in 2014, is the result of an international project ORCHESTRA implemented in close cooperation with Spain and aimed at developing partnerships, clusters and cross-sectoral cooperation.

The cluster brings together companies, local government administration, research and scientific institutes, as well as business support organizations from South Mazovia and stimulates international and intercluster cooperation.
The aim of the cluster is to strengthen the capacity of the industry in an interdisciplinary way and accelerate the development of agriculture bio-economy through:
1. identification of shared competences and cooperation areas of the cluster members;
2. initiating the creation of products with added value resulting from the joint capacities and its commercialization on domestic and foreign markets;
3. transfer of knowledge and technology and international exchange of experience;
4. building links between sectoral and cross-sectoral clusters and its members and establishing synergies with clusters and networks with related industries (chemicals, cosmetics, life science, renewable energy, IT)
5. initiating joint ventures and projects co-financed from EU funds, both on domestic and international field;
6. organization of promotional, education, training and information activities;
7. internationalization activity of the cluster and its members