Cluster of AgroBioeconomy

New markets

Through international cooperation, internationalization and export promotion

Added value creation

Through collaboration with chemical, cosmetic, life sciences and renewable energy sectors

Research & development

Source of product, process and marketing innovations


AgroBioCluster is an agrofood & bioeconomy cluster that brings together 46 companies, local government administration, research and scientific institutes from Central Poland, stimulating their holistic development and international cooperation. In 2015 AgroBioCluster have applied the EU benchmarking methodology and acquired the Bronze Label Cluster Excellence –  high quality label system that awards cluster management in successful world-class clusters.



Cluster Strategy


Business, science & public administration

We unite the inter-sectorial potential of local entities, creating unique relationships that foster creation of innovations


Products, processes and marketing

We support the development and implementation of value-added innovations that build competitive advantage from our partners.


Export promotion

We help to access international markets, promoting exports development and creating cooperative partnerships at international level


For a joint action or a joint solution of common problems

We identify areas of cooperation that help our partners to solve common problems or to cooperate in a particular area.


To boost sales and find new markets

We encourage creative use of traditional means of communication and multimedia to enhance the corporate image of our members


For individual and group development

We identify national and international funding to finance the development of our partners.

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Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa Ziemi Radomskiej

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